Annual Dinner

The Annual Dinner is Delaware’s premier business event. It has always been the place to be in January for high level networking with business leaders, dignitaries and elected officials. We deliver the opportunity to mingle with over 900 of your colleagues, friends and new acquaintances.

Josiah Marvel Cup 

This signature event also features the presentation of the Josiah Marvel Cup. The Marvel Cup is awarded annually in honor of the memory of Josiah Marvel, who reorganized and was the first president of the modern-day State Chamber, 1913-1914. It was established by the State Chamber in 1951 to honor a Delawarean who has made an outstanding contribution to the state, community or society.

181st Annual Dinner

Save the date! The 181st Annual Dinner is scheduled for January 8, 2018.


Keynote Speaker: Edward D. Breen  

Marvel Cup Winner: Carroll M. Carpenter


Keynote Speaker: David J. Bailey, MD, MBA  
The Nemours Foundation

 Marvel Cup Winner: O. Francis Biondi, Esq.


Keynote Speaker: Janice E. Nevin, M.D., MPH         
Christiana Care Health System

 Marvel Cup Winner: Dr. Robert J. Laskowski,
Christiana Care Health System


Keynote Speaker: David Cohen,
Comcast Corporation

Marvel Cup Winner: E. Norman Veasey,
Gordon, Fournaris & Mammarella


Keynote Speaker: Dr. William Winkenwerder,
Highmark, Inc.

Marvel Cup Winner: Jack Porter,
Delaware Trust Company


Keynote Speaker: Marvin N. Schoenhals,
WSFS Bank & WSFS Financial Corp.                             

Marvel Cup Winner: Robert F. Rider,
Delaware State Fair


Keynote Speaker: Brian T. Moyihan,
Bank of America

Marvel Cup Winner: The Honorable
Michael N. Castle


Keynote Speaker: Ellen J. Kullman,

Marvel Cup Winner: Edgar S. Woolard,

Past Marvel Cup Winners:

1951 Dr. M. A. Tarumianz          1984 Charles E. Welch 
1952 J. Gorman Walsh   1985 William T. McLaughlin
1953 Margaret Irving Handy, MD    1986 Roxana C. Arsht 
1954 Henry T. Claus   1987 Pierre S. du Pont IV 
1955 I.B. Finkelstein   1988 Eugene D. DiSabatino
1956 James W. Williams   1989 Sally V. Hawkins 
1957 Mrs. Pearl Glenn Herlihy   1990 Edmund N. Carpenter II
1958 William Reily Brown   1991 Jeremiah P. Shea 
1959 John G. Leach   1992 Joseph F. Hulihan 
1960 Clarence A. Fulmer   1993 John E. Burris 
1961 Maurice duPont Lee   1994 James H. Gilliam, Sr.  
1962 Lloyd R. Leslie   1995 Muriel & Marvin Gilman
1963 Dr. Ward I. Miller   1996 Richard P. DiSabatino, Sr. 
1964 H. Edmund Bullis    1997 Irving S. Shapiro
1965 Edwin P. Neilan   1998 John W. Rollins, Sr.
1966 Warren C. Newton   1999 Brother Ronald Giannone, OFM
1967 Russell W. Peterson   2000 Julie & Charlie Cawley 
1968 Emily H. Womach   2001 Alexander F. Giacco, Sr. 
1969 William Winder Laird   2002 Leonard W. Quill 
1970 Charles A. Robinson   2003 William V. Roth, Jr.
1971 Eugene R. Perry   2004 In memory: James H. Gilliam, Jr.
1972 Ruth M. Cann   2005 Dale E. Wolf
1973 Harvey C. Smith   2006 Iréneé du Pont, Jr.
1974 Fredd T. O’Donnell   2007 Louise & David Roselle 
1975 Wright W. Robinson   2008 Warren L. Allen
1976 William C. Lewis   2009 Marvin N. Schoenhals
1977 J. Allen Frear, Jr.   2010 Edgar S. Woolard
1978 J. Frank Gordy   2011 Michael N. Castle
1979 J. Caleb Boggs   2012 Robert F. Rider
1980 Gilbert S. Scarborough, Jr.   2013 John F. Porter
1981 Daniel L. Herrmann   2014 E. Norman Veasey
1982 William Marvel   2015 Dr. Robert J. Laskowski
1983 John E. Healy, II   2016 O. Francis Biondi, Esq.
    2017 Carroll M. Carpenter