Delaware Retail Council

In today’s competitive, increasingly unpredictable marketplace, retail needs a strong partner that can give a decisive edge in day-to-day business operations. The Delaware Retail Council was formed to help retailers do just that.

The DRC is the largest statewide organization dedicated solely to the interest and progress of the retail industry. As a member of the Retail Council, retailers have a strong advocate who works for them in local, state and national government. The DRC is a member of the National Retail Federation. Any DRC member with annual sales of less than $1 million that operates solely in Delaware is eligible for free membership in the National Retail Federation.

Legislative Advocacy

  • Workers compensation
  • Unemployment compensation
  • Health insurance regulation
  • Consumer protection
  • Employee relations
  • Loss prevention
  • Taxes
  • Extended DART service

The Delaware Retail Council keeps retailers up to date in such critical areas as workers and unemployment compensation, health insurance regulation, consumer protection, employee relations, loss prevention, and taxes.

The Delaware Retail Council, an affiliate of the Delaware State Chamber of Commerce, is the industry’s only statewide trade association in Delaware. Founded under the belief that merchants could achieve more as a group than any one merchant acting alone, the Delaware Retail Council is dedicated solely to the interests and progress of the retail industry as a whole.

The Delaware Retail Council is a non-profit Delaware corporation organized in 1973. The Retail Council’s primary purpose is to enhance the business climate for the retail industry.

Delaware Retail Council members include large and small independent retailers as well as regional and national chain stores. Member businesses represent apparel, convenience, furniture, hardware, grocery, jewelry, office supply and department stores, to name just a few.

Delaware Retail Council Board of Directors

Kenneth L. Brennan (Chair)

Thomas R. Zapf (Immediate Past Chairman) 

Matt Benedetti
Home Depot

Steven Chambliss
Christiana Mall

Richard Kenny 
Delaware Supermarkets

Bret Morris
A.R. Morris Jewelers

Michael Uffner
AutoTeam Delaware 

Roberta Wuttke
Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory