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Political Action Committee

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During the last decade, state and local elections have become expensive propositions. In order to be competitive, candidates find it necessary to raise thousands of dollars each election cycle. The Delaware State Chamber of Commerce seeks to assist those elected officials and candidates who support a strong business climate and finance their election efforts through the Chamber’s political action committee, The PAC. This political action committee gives all State Chamber members an opportunity to contribute to candidates who understand the importance of a strong business community and a healthy economic climate.

The PAC is limited to contributing to candidates running for state and local offices. Contributions of any size are welcome, and we encourage all members to help build strong political action committees. Checks can be made out to "The PAC."

        - Corporate checks are welcome. 
        - Contributions of any size are legal.

Please send checks made out to “The PAC” to P.O. Box 1346, Wilmington, DE, 19899