Advocacy and Policy

Legislative Priorities


 2016-2017 Priorities 

Coastal Zone Act
Delaware Growth Agenda,
Delaware Business Roundtable
The Truth about
Delaware's Global Brand

Economic Development & Taxation

  • Support economic development programs that create and maintain jobs and encourage investment in Delaware
  • Support the modernization of Delaware Coastal Zone Act to revitalize Delaware’s manufacturing sector
  • Support Delaware’s growing entrepreneur community
  • Support policies that will grow technology and knowledge-based industries
  • Support tax reforms and polices that grow Delaware’s economy

Infrastructure & Transportation

  • Support the improvement and maintenance of the state’s transportation infrastructure

Water Resources

  • Ensure that Delaware water laws, policies and regulations meet the needs of Delawareans, assure adequate water supplies meet the future requirements of business and industry and do not limit opportunity for growth and development

Workforce Development

  • Support development of a healthy and skilled workforce
  • Support educational standards that help teachers ensure their students have the skills and knowledge they need to be successful by providing clear goals for student learning
  • Support funding for Delaware’s career technology and higher education campuses to ensure affordable tuition for our citizens and encourage the growth of our jobs and our economy
  • Support Pathways to Prosperity Program to encourage partnerships that develop Delaware’s future workforce

Workers’ Compensation

  • To help enhance and protect the workers’ compensation reforms of 2013

Health Care

  • Support the retention of viable employer-sponsored health and encourage efforts to provide stability in the health insurance market
  • Support efforts to enhance the access and affordability of health care through increasing the number of those retaining insurance and strengthening statewide healthcare systems


  • Support pension reforms to protect the financial stability of Delaware’s state and local governments


  • Support the development of alternative energy resources to complement the use and development of oil and natural gas
  • Oppose unnecessary legislative or regulatory intrusion into the energy industry