About the Chamber

10 Reasons to Join the Chamber

The Delaware State Chamber of Commerce recognizes its members' need for a strong advocacy voice in issues that matter. By working together, we can create a political climate that serves the best interests of Delaware businesses. Thank you to Comcast for the production of this video.


The Chamber is all about advocacy and networking. Watch the video tof ind out why networking with the Chamber should be a part of your business strategy!


Cost-saving benefits
We offer a variety of money-saving benefits including member-to-member discounts, discounts on shipping and office supplies, savings on continuing education, and more! Click here to view our benefits page. 

As Delaware’s oldest and largest business advocacy organization, we’ve been helping member businesses prosper since 1837.

We serve businesses of every size from mom-and-pop stores to Delaware's largest corporations.

We are five organizations in one. Under the State Chamber umbrella are our affiliates: Delaware Manufacturing Association, the Delaware Retail Council, the Small Business Alliance, The Partnership, Inc. and the Delaware Public Policy Institute.

We keep in touch with our members through our website and email newsletters, Delaware Business – the State Chamber’s business magazine, our affiliate organizations and an active committee structure. You can also engage with us on social media: TwitterFacebook and LinkedIn.

Professional Development
Throughout the year the State Chamber and its affiliates offer workshops and seminars to enhance your professional development. Click here to view our events.

Our membership extends from Brandywine Hundred to the beach.

Our membership is 65 percent tax deductible.